World Birth Defects Day

World Birth Defects Day is March 3 and the National Birth Defect Prevention Network is a proud partner. We hope you’ll mark your calendar for all of the events scheduled for March 3 and support World Birth Defects Day by taking part! Here is the full rundown of the activities outlined by our partners at the International Clearinghouse on Birth Defects Surveillance and Research:

LIVE EVENTS on March 3rd, 2021

WHO World Birth Defects Day Webinar via Zoom

8:00AM EST / 2:00PM CET

All children have the right to a healthy start in life. Babies born with birth defects are particularly at risk of death and lifelong disability. Many birth defects can be prevented and treated. But, when a baby is born with a birth defect, receiving the right care as soon as possible gives them the best chance to life and helps them reach their maximum potential. There is a need for strengthening healthcare services to meet the needs of babies born with a birth defect, in particular in low-and-middle income countries of Asia and Africa, where the health care systems are the weakest and the burden of birth defects is the highest. To promote quality of care and universal health coverage for children with birth defects, we must bring to light the human rights perspective and the need for advocacy.

With this webinar, we would like to commemorate World Birth Defects Day to raise awareness about #ManyBirthdefects1VoiceJoin the webinar: | Password: f#6KMsec

#WORLDBDDAY Global Twitter Chat

On March 3rd at 11:00AM EST, 5:00PM CET, join us during the Twitter Chat as one voice to raise awareness about birth defects. To prepare, get the bilingual script and questions here.  Even if you cannot join us live, please schedule a tweet using #WorldBDDay at this time.

Facebook Live Event: COVID-19 Vaccine in Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

The event panel includes moderator Robert Felix, MD; and speakers Sonja Rasmussen, MD, Lorrie Harris-Sagaribay, MPH, and Kirstie Perrotta, MPH.

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Lead Exposure Webinar

As parents or when planning to start a family, it’s important to know and understand how to achieve the best care and health for children, but where do you begin? Right at home! Houses, especially older ones, can be a source of lead exposure. Although lead-based paint hasn’t been sold since the late 70s, many older homes still have it. Learn about the available resources supporting families who are exposed to lead.  On World Birth Defects Day March 3, join the free webinar presented by MotherToBaby and Family Voices on the impact of lead exposures during pregnancy, infancy and in childhood. Register here now. 

Social Media Resources

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I CARE campaign

Show your support for birth defects surveillance, research and prevention! 1. Download and print the “I care…” sign available (A4 size, letter size); 2. Fill it out with why you care about birth defects prevention and research; and 3. Post a picture holding it on ALL your social media channels using the hashtags #WorldBDDay and #ManyBirthDefects1Voice. For more info, go to

In collaboration with Teratology Society, MotherToBaby, and The North American AED Pregnancy Registry, NBDPN would like to present this video for World Birth Defects Day. Every year, millions of babies around the world are born with a serious birth defect. In many countries, birth defects are one of the leading causes of death in babies and young children. The goal of World Birth Defects Day is to expand birth defects surveillance, prevention, care, and research worldwide.

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