Functional Committees

Health Promotions (HP) Committee

The HP Committee is responsible for facilitating, updating, and monitoring the Network communications, social networking accounts, and website. The committee also develops and participates in birth defect health observances such as Birth Defect Awareness Month, World Birth Defects Day, and Folic Acid Awareness Week.

Chairs: Kristina Ottenwess and Jennifer Waldrop
CHP Meetings: Every 2 months on the Fourth Wed, 1-2pm EST
Charter and Workplan

  • Birth Defect Awareness Month
            Meetings: Every month on the second Mon, 12-1pm EST (resumes Fall 2023)

  • Folic Acid Awareness Week
            Meetings: Every month on the first Wed, 2-3 pm EST (resumes Spring 2023)

  • Media: Social and Website
            Meetings: Every month on the second Tue, 2-3pm EST

Program & Professional Development (PPD) Committee

The mission of the PPD Committee is to intellectually engage members and foster community, connection, and Network growth through conferences, programs, and other professional opportunities.

Chairs: Samara Viner-Brown and Dianna Contreras
PPD Meetings: Every month on the 4th Tuesday @ 4pm ET
Charter and Workplan

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Membership

  • Mentoring and Professional Development


Surveillance Data Committee (SDC)

The SDC works to facilitate the creation, presentation, and dissemination of birth defects data products made possible through pooled analyses of multi-site surveillance datasets. The committee works collaboratively across programs, states, and territories; embraces best practices for data utilization; aspires to develop the skills and expertise of members; and, welcomes people of all career backgrounds, skill levels, and personal identities.

Chairs: Eirini Nestoridi and Adrian Michalski
SDC Meetings: Every month on the first Thursday, 3-4pm EST
Charter and Workplan

  • Biennial Report
           Meetings: To Be Announced

  • Multi-State Projects
          Meetings: To Be Announced

  • Data Repository Development and Maintenance
          Meetings: To Be Announced

  • Data Access Portal Development and Analytical Practices & Guidelines
          Meetings: To Be Announced


Surveillance Guidelines & Standards Committee (SGSC)
The purpose of the SGSC committee is to develop and promote the use of standards and guidelines for birth defects surveillance programs in the United States and increase the quality of birth defects surveillance data. SGSC members, through participation in various workgroups and sub-committees, engage in activities such as 1) exploring, developing, and enhancing technical tools to facilitate surveillance (e.g., abstractor's handbook, Birth Defect Surveillance Guidelines); 2) addressing questions about or exploring issues with coding/coding systems (e.g., ICD-9/10 transition materials and webinars); and 3) developing, implementing, and evaluating data quality and data utilization standards.

Chairs: Amanda St. Louis and Jodi Snow
SGSC Meetings: Every other month on the second Mon, 3-4 pm EST
Charter and Workplan

  • Abstractor Technical Tools
    Meetings: Every month on the third Wed, 12-1 pm EST

  • Standards Development & Evaluation
    Meetings: Every month on the first Thu, 12-1 pm EST

  • EHR/HL7 Standards
     Meetings: Every other month on the first Fri, 1-2 pm EST

  • Surveillance Guidelines Manual
           Meetings: Every month on the fourth Fri, 1-2 pm EST

Operations Committee (OC)
The purpose of the Operations Committee to support and coordinate the general activities of the Network and ensure the organization’s strategic objectives are met. The Operations Committee is made up of chairs from the Functional Committees and Partner Organizations, such as March of Dimes, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Congenital Heart Public Health Consortium. 

         Chair(s): Nina Forestieri
         OC Meetings: Every month on the second Wednesday 2-3pm EST