National Folic Acid Awareness Week

September 12-18, 2021

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Folic Acid is a Healthy Habit
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Folic Acid is a Healthy Habit - when do you take yours?
Beth likes to take her multivitamin at lunch. She is able to get natural sources of folate from leafy greens and also the recommended 400mcg of #FolicAcid from her daily multivitamin.   Ashley takes her #FolicAcid first thing in the morning as part of her morning routine. She’s not planning for a baby but likes the beauty benefits of taking a multivitamin with the recommended 400mcg of #FolicAcid 

Folic acid is a B-vitamin that is necessary for proper cell growth. If taken before and during early pregnancy, folic acid can prevent up to 70% of some serious birth defects of the brain and spine, called neural tube defects.

Join the National Birth Defects Prevention Network (NBDPN) this September to promote National Folic Acid Awareness Week using your social media networks. Feel free to use the images above – or post your own photos - to help raise awareness about folic acid. Join the conversation about preventing neural tube defects using #FolicAcid and #Best4YouBest4Baby.

Here are some tips for using various social media platforms to promote National Folic Acid Awareness Week, including example posts and more!


  • “Like” National Birth Defects Prevention Network’s page on Facebook. We will be featuring links to folic acid messaging, so be sure to share and comment.
  • Tag National Birth Defects Prevention Network on your own Facebook posts. Use @NBDPN on Twitter.
  • Share the National Folic Acid Awareness Week Infographic, CDC social media buttons, or change your profile photo to one of the folic acid infographic images!
  • For organizations or partners, post this sample message to encourage your patients to spread the word: How are you making sure you get enough #FolicAcid BEFORE pregnancy? Share your tips with us! #Best4YouBest4Baby
  • Here are some sample posts you can use, or create your own:
    • Did you know that serious birth defects, such as spina bifida and anencephaly, can be prevented if women take #FolicAcid daily BEFORE pregnancy?  Start taking a daily multivitamin with folic acid for your baby’s protection. For more information visit: #Best4YouBest4Baby
    • Anencephaly is a fatal birth defect that develops in the first weeks of pregnancy. Did you know that you can reduce your risk of having an anencephaly-affected pregnancy by taking #FolicAcid daily BEFORE pregnancy? For more information visit: #Best4YouBest4Baby
    • Latinas have the highest rate of births affected by a neural tube defect. They are less likely to consume foods fortified with folic acid, less likely to take vitamins with folic acid, and so they have lower blood folate levels. Get 400 mcg of #FolicAcid daily. #Best4YouBest4Baby


  • Follow @CDC on Instagram.
  • Post photos of how you are making sure you get folic acid daily. Ideas include photos of taking vitamins or eating fortified cereal. Incorporate the hashtag #FolicAcid and #Best4YouBest4Baby
  • Have you or someone you care about had a pregnancy affected by spina bifida or anencephaly? Share your own #1in33 story of how birth defects affect you. Tag photos with #1in33.
  • For organizations or partners, encourage your patients to raise awareness by posting: Show us how you are getting your #FolicAcid daily. #Best4YouBest4Baby


  • Follow @NBDPN and @CDC_NCBDDD on Twitter. Retweet, favorite, and comment.
  • Use the #Best4YouBest4Baby, #FolicAcid or #1in33 hashtags when sharing information, resources, photos or your own experiences.
  • For organizations or partners, post these sample messages to encourage your patients to raise awareness:
    • This week, make a resolution to take your #FolicAcid every day. Tell us how: multivitamin? B-complex? Fortified cereal? #1in33
    • Make a resolution to take a multivitamin with #FolicAcid daily for beautiful hair, skin and nails – and to prevent birth defects. #Best4YouBest4Baby
  • Share some of the sample tweets below:
    • #FolicAcid daily before pregnancy can help prevent spina bifida, affecting 1,500 US babies each year. #Best4YouBest4Baby Learn more:
    • Getting your body ready for pregnancy-preconception health-can help reduce the risk of birth defects.  #1in33 #FolicAcid

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Sample posts:

I’m preparing for my first baby, which is why I take a multivitamin with #FolicAcid every day. #Best4YouBest4Baby   I’m not planning to become pregnant 400mcg of #FolicAcid, I eat a healthy diet.   I eat a bowl of fortified cereal because it’s best for me and my baby. #Best4YouBest4Baby #FolicAcid   I'm taking my prenatal vitamin every day because it's best for me and best for baby. What are you doing that's #Best4YouBest4Baby?

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New to social media?
If you are new to social media, start here with a great resource from CDC for learning the basics.

 Free Materials and Resources

Free Folic Acid Education Materials
  • FAAW Infographic PDF
To learn more about folic acid, click here

For more free folic acid materials click here 

Para materiales en español por favor haga clic aquí 

Unique Tools and Resources from State Programs

Power Me A2Z - Arizona Department of Health Services
Website for women, couples and families, including a program for free vitamins for Arizona women  
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Food Folate Food Game - Florida Folic Acid Coalition
Plan meals with foods high in folate below and supplement with 400mcg of folic acid!
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Folic Acid: Your Vitamin For Life - Arkansas Folic Acid Coalition website
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Folic Acid Take it for Your Health - Michigan Department of Community Health
Brochures featuring women from diverse communities available in English, Arabic, and Spanish