Mission and Objectives

Mission: The National Birth Defects Prevention Network (NBDPN) is a group of individuals involved in birth defects surveillance, research, and prevention.  It was created to establish and maintain a national network of state and population-based programs for birth defects surveillance and research.  The Network assesses the impact of birth defects upon children, families, and health care; identifies factors that can be used to develop primary prevention strategies; and assists families and their providers in secondary disabilities prevention. 

To fulfill its mission, the Network pursues the following goals:
  •    Improve access and application of information about the prevalence and trends of birth defects
  •    Increase collaboration between members within the birth defects community
  •    Advance science through birth defects surveillance and its application to public health efforts and resource allocation
The objectives of the NBDPN are to:
  •  Improve the quality of birth defect surveillance data.
  •  Promote scientific collaboration for the prevention of birth defects.
  •  Provide technical assistance for the development of uniform methods of data collection.
  •  Facilitate the communication and dissemination of information related to birth defects.
  •  Collect, analyze and disseminate state and population-based birth defect surveillance data.
  •  Encourage the use of birth defect data for decisions regarding health services planning (secondary disabilities prevention and services).

The Network's communications among members, partners, professionals and the public are essential to our success. Read more about what we are doing in the NBDPN Media Report.

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