Folic Acid Surveys

National and State Folic Acid Surveys

Listed below are links to information about folic acid surveys that have been conducted by various states and organizations around the country. If you are aware of additional surveys that should be included in this summary, or if you would like to update the information, please contact Cara Mai.

Nationwide folic acid surveys

State-specific folic acid surveillance surveys

Arizona Arizona BRFSS
California California CWHS
California MIHA
Delaware Delaware PRAMS
Maryland Maryland PRAMS
Massachusetts Massachusetts PRAMS
Massachusetts BRFSS
Minnesota Minnesota PRAMS
New Hampshire The New England Birth Defects Consortium: 6-State Folic-Acid/Multivitamin Distribution
New York New York PRAMS
North Dakota
Ohio Ohio PRAMS
Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico BRFSS

Rhode Island Rhode Island PRAMS
Tennessee Tennessee PRAMS
Virginia PRAMS
Vermont Vermont PRAMS
West Virginia West Virginia PRAMS