NTD/Folic Acid Information

Folic Acid Surveys

State and national surveys with folic acid questions  

NTD Ascertainment Project, January 2010
Prevalence of neural tube defects among population-based birth defects surveillance systems in the US  

Folic Acid Tools and Programs for Health Care Professionals
Links to existing national and state programs and tools developed to educate health care professionals about folic acid and neural tube defects.

Folic Acid Education MaterialsImage of publication

Congratulations, Mom. You Have a Beautiful Baby [EnglishPDF Document] [SpanishPDF Document]
This brochure, targeting the postpartum woman, explains why folic acid is important even after childbirth and reminds the new Mom to take a multivitamin with folic acid everyday. Includes tips on postpartum self care such as getting enough rest, finding time to relax and eating a healthy, varied diet.  Free copies of this brochure can be ordered using the online order form (publication number
099-9076 for English, and 099-9077 for Spanish).

NTD Recurrence Prevention
The National Birth Defects Prevention Network, in conjunction with the Centers for DiseaseImage of publicationControl and Prevention, has developed an NTD Recurrence Prevention card PDF Document for families who have had a pregnancy or infant affected with a neural tube defect. This brochureshould be used with counseling of families, as well asadditional educational materials that are more detailed.  Free copies of this brochure can be ordered using the online order form (publication number 099-6767 for English, and 099-6871 for Spanish).  If you have any problems, you can send an e-mail to flo@cdc.gov.





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