2009 Congenital Malformations Surveillance Report:
A Report from the National Birth Defects Prevention Network

This report is published in Birth Defects Research, Part A journal. 

Volume 85, Issue 11, Pages 873-938 (November 2009)

Introduction: Birth Defects Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Significance in Public Health (873)
Julianne S. Collins and Russell S. Kirby
No Abstract

Editorial: Birth Defects and Preterm Birth: Overlapping Outcomes with a Shared Strategy for Research and Prevention (874-878)
Siobhan M. Dolan, William M. Callaghan, and Sonja A. Rasmussen
No Abstract

Maternal Caffeine Consumption and the Risk of Neural Tube Defects (879-889)
Rebecca J. Schmidt , Paul A. Romitti, Trudy L. Burns, Marilyn L. Browne, Charlotte M. Druschel, Richard S. Olney, the National Birth Defects Prevention Study

Maternal Nativity as a Risk Factor for Gastroschisis: A Population-Based Study (890-896)
Jason L. Salemi, Marie Pierre, Jean Paul Tanner, Jennifer L. Kornosky, Kimberlea W. Hauser, Russell S. Kirby, Jane D. Carver

Multistate Study of the Epidemiology of Clubfoot (897-904)
Samantha E. Parker, Cara T. Mai, Matthew J. Strickland, Richard S. Olney, Russel Rickard, Lisa Marengo, Ying Wang, S. Shahrukh Hashmi, Robert E. Meyer, National Birth Defects Prevention Network

Epidemiologic Features and Clinical Subgroups of Anotia/Microtia in Texas (905-913)
Mark A. Canfield, Peter H. Langlois, Ly M. Nguyen, Angela E. Scheuerle

False Positive Reporting of Hirschsprung’s Disease in Alaska: An Evaluation of Hirschsprung’s Disease Surveillance, Birth Years 1996-2007 (914-919)
Janine Schoellhorn, Sandra Collins

Brief Report: Methods for Developing Useful Estimates of the Costs Associated with Birth Defects (920-924)
Amy P. Case and Mark A. Canfield

Hospital use and associated costs of children aged zero-to-two years with craniofacial malformations in Massachusetts (925-934)
Judith Weiss, Milton Kotelchuck, Scott D. Grosse, Susan E. Manning, Marlene Anderka, Diego F. Wyszynski, Howard Cabral, Wanda Barfield, Raul Garcia, Emily Lu, Cathy Higgins

Public health projects for preventing the recurrence of neural tube defects in the United States (935-938)
Julianne S. Collins, Mark A. Canfield, Kay Pearson, Russell S. Kirby, Amy P. Case, Cara T. Mai, Judy Major, Joe Mulinare, for the National Birth Defects Prevention Network

Volume 85, Issue 12, Pages 939-1055 (December 2009)

Birth defects surveillance data from selected states, 2002-2006 (p 938-1004) 

Appendix A (p 1005-1006)

State birth defects surveillance program directory (p 1007-1055)


Published by the NBDPN Publications & Communications and State Data Committees.

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