Annual Report 2011

Special Issue: 2011 Congenital Malformation Surveillance Report:
A Report from the National Birth Defects Prevention Network

December 2011
Volume 91, Issue 12

Pages 985–1149

Issue edited by: Russel S. Kirby, Julianne S. Collins

Introduction: Birth defects surveillance, epidemiology, and public health (page 985)
Russell S. Kirby and Julianne S. Collins

Editorial: Using genomics for birth defects epidemiology: Can epigenetics cut the GxE gordian knot? (pages 986–989)
Jan M. Friedman

Descriptive epidemiology of selected heritable birth defects in Texas (pages 990–994)
Karen B. Moffitt, Oseni O. Abiri, Angela E. Scheuerle and Peter H. Langlois

Twenty-Five–Year survival of children with birth defects in New York State: A population-based study (pages 995–1003)
Ying Wang, Jiaqi Hu, Charlotte M. Druschel and Russell S. Kirby

Use of active surveillance methodologies to examine over-reporting of stillbirths on fetal death certificates (pages 1004–1010)
Jennifer A. Makelarski, Paul A. Romitti, Kristin M. Caspers, Soman Puzhankara, Bradley D. McDowell and Kimberly N. Piper

Socioeconomic status and prevalence of congenital heart defects: Does universal access to health care system eliminate the gap? (pages 1011–1018)
Mohammad M. Agha, Richard H. Glazier, Rahim Moineddin, Aideen M. Moore and Astrid Guttmann

Health care expenditures among children with and those without spina bifida enrolled in Medicaid in North Carolina (pages 1019–1027)
Cynthia H. Cassell, Scott D. Grosse, Phoebe G. Thorpe, Eleanor E. Howell and Robert E. Meyer

State Birth Defects Surveillance Program Directory (pages 1028–1149)  (pdf copy of directory  )

Selected Birth Defects Data from Population-based Birth Defects Surveillance Programs in the United States, 2004-2008 (pages 1028–1149) (pdf copy of data