Birth Defects Prevention Month 2016

January 2016 is National Birth Defects Prevention Month!
The theme is "Making Healthy Choices to Prevent Birth Defects - Make a PACT for Prevention."  The National Birth Defects Prevention Network (NBDPN) is pleased to provide you with the following resource materials to promote birth defects awareness and prevention.

The 2016 National Birth Defects Prevention Month packet was developed in collaboration with many partners, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and Teratology Society (TS). NBDPN’s goal for 2016 is to continue the momentum from previous years, increasing awareness that birth defects are “Common, Costly, and Critical” and offering actionable steps that professionals, community groups, and the public can take to prevent birth defects. 
To improve the contents and format of the packet materials, we ask that you complete the evaluation form ( If you should have questions about National Birth Defects Prevention Month, please contact Mary Knapp ( or Cara Mai (   
Thank you in advance for your support in promoting National Birth Defects Prevention Month

Materials for 2016 Birth Defects Prevention Month (BDPM)                                                                                      

Download the entire packet ( pdf )
Specific content in the packet:
  • Sharing the Packet (word , pdf)                                                        
  • Using Packet Materials (word , pdf )                                          
  • PACT Theme Resources (word , pdf )
  • Sample Proclamation (word , pdf )                                   
  • Drop In-Articles (word , pdf )                                                                             
  • Sample News Release (word , pdf )                                                                    
  • Drop- In E-Articles for Pediatric Health Care Providers (word , pdf )                     
  • Sample Letter to Health Care Providers (word , pdf )
  • Sample Letter to Pediatric Health Care Providers (word , pdf )
  • Fact Sheet for Policy Makers (word , pdf )
  • Paternal Contribution to a Developing Baby's Health (word , pdf )                     
  • Educational Material For Men (word , pdf )                                                        
  • Social Media Toolkit (word , pdf )
  • Materials Adapted for Local Public Health Department  (word , pdf )               
  • Educational Materials:
Other Resources:

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